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Gutters and DownspoutsCleaning gutters and downspouts is important for preserving the beauty of your home and keeping it safe from water damage. Gutters are designed to direct rainwater away from your home, so water won’t sit in one spot and cause damage. But if the drains become clogged with leaves and other debris, they won’t function as they should. Cracks and holes start to form in the gutter system, which can cause water leaks inside the house and rot the wood of your roof. The downspout extends the gutter system allowing water to drain quickly and efficiently away from your house.

Don’t let that gutter clutter get out of hand. If your gutters are in disrepair, hire a gutter replacement company in Garner, NC.

Gutters and Downspout Maintenance

Keeping your gutters and downspouts in good shape requires biannual maintenance (usually spring and fall). Maintenance can be performed by a gutter cleaning service or by the homeowner. If you choose to do the latter, here’s how to get them clean yourself:

Remove all Debris from the Gutter

You can use a brush or your gloved hands to remove all debris from your gutters and downspouts. A garden hose can flush away the collected leaves, pine needles, and dirt.

Inside the Drainage Channel

Now that you have cleaned all the loose debris, use a scrub brush and an old cloth or towel to wipe down the insides and outsides of the drainage channel. Do not use a knife or other sharp objects for cleaning because you may accidentally puncture the gutter.

Clean Out Clogs in Downspouts

First, inspect the outside for damage – any rust, cracks, or holes where water may leak. Then, use a hose in the gutters to send water towards the downspout. Is the water freely flowing out the bottom of the spout, away from the house? Small animals or birds sometimes build nests in the downspouts, impeding water flow.

If the water is only trickling out the bottom, something is clogging it. A downspout can be unclogged by running the garden house into it from the top down to the clog and turning the water on full force. The spout is unclogged once the water is flowing freely.

Odyssey Contracting

In the fall, before leaves start to fall, and in the spring, after the snow melts, it is necessary to clean your gutters and downspouts. We recommend you clean your gutters once every six months for optimum performance. If you find that the gutters still overflow after the debris is removed, there may be an issue with the gutter’s slope. Don’t hesitate to call Odyssey Contracting, a gutter replacement company in Garner, NC, for an evaluation of your drainage system. Contact us at 919-916-5640. Don’t forget to follow us on social media for our latest deals and specials & events!