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Window Replacement

Picture Windows

Picture windows are generally very large fixed windows, these do not move or operate in any form or fashion. They are there for the sole purpose of letting light in and keeping the outside out. These offer a fantastic and wide view of your landscape that others windows just struggle to emulate. Again, just to be clear, these windows do NOT open or move. Whether you have it standing alone or working in conjunction with other types of windows, picture windows are the best way to bring the beauty and light of the outdoors directly into your home.

Make the Most of Natural Light

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A lot of us have a room in our home that we just wish could get more natural light in – whether that be because it’s just not in a great location close to the sun or you have a massive room with high walls and vaulted ceilings and all of the things that make you need more space! We’ve seen nothing but incredible results and happy customers from those that have decided to pair a big picture window with other operable windows in the same room, it gives you the absolute perfect middle ground between aesthetic and function. All you need is a simple double-hung window installed on either side of your picture window and you’ve got perfect ventilation and a dramatic but simple and clean look to your windows!

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Why Picture Windows?

Picture windows are extremely popular for their sheer simplicity and beauty. They look good on any home, they’re easy to maintain, what’s not to love?

  • Energy Efficiency – Many modern-day windows feature at least two if not three layers of glass (double or triple-paned windows) as well as either air or some kind of gas layer like argon sealed between the panes which acts as a fantastic insulator. If everything is constructed and installed well you will never have issues with condensation and your windows will continue to insulate fantastically for a long time to come!
  • Easy cleaning – since these don’t move or function at all cleaning them should be as easy as taking a rag and wiping them down.

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Odyssey Contracting is very proud to service the Raleigh & Garner triangle areas and all of the surrounding communities! If you are a homeowner and you need your windows replaced, doors replaced, bathtub replaced or converted, siding installed, or roofing repaired then we have got you completely covered! Picture windows have been around for as long as windows themselves have, picture windows would’ve obviously been the first kind ever available. The fact that picture windows ARE fully stationary is actually a massive advantage when it comes to energy efficiency.

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Odyssey Contracting brings top-quality windows and several years of high-quality window installation experience to every project.

  • ENERGY STAR® partner of the year for eight years
  • AAMA Gold Label certification
  • R-5 polyurethane foam-filled sash and frame
  • 0.07 cfm air infiltration – 4.3 times better than industry minimum
  • Heavy-duty locks for superior protection against weather
  • Fusion-welded sashes and frames increase durability
  • Certa-Force balance system for easy operation
  • Low-profile tilt latches for easy cleaning
  • Screen locks for added security
  • Triple-pane options available
  • Half- & full-screen options
  • Double lifetime transferable warranty


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