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Hail Damage Repairs

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Hail Damage Repairs May Be Covered By Your Homeowners’ Insurance!

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Did you know? Hail can fall from the sky during a storm at speeds up to 72mph! This is similar to the speed of a passenger train!

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Types of Hail Damage 

  • Dislodges granules that coat the asphalt shingles: These granules give the shingles their color, but more importantly, they block the UV Rays of the sun from breaking down the asphalt in the shingle.
  • Fracture the matting of the shingle: The matting is the backbone of the shingle, it holds the asphalt in place rather than running in hot weather. Once the matting is fractured, the shingle will continue to break down and eventually leaks will occur.

Granular loss is a common type of roof damage from hail–it happens when you’ve lost a significant amount of the sandpaper, or rough, part of your shingle. If there’s too much lost, it can lead to more exposure and a quickly aging roof that’s more susceptible to damage at a faster rate.

Another type of damage is cracked shingles, which affects their primary function of protecting your home from outside elements and weather.

Lastly, you may experience fiberglass mat damage, such as tears and cracks, which is hard to spot if you’re not a trained professional who knows what to look for and it can leave your home vulnerable to more damage. Hail damage to your roof is unlike any other form of storm damage because it can be very difficult to see hail hits, even for a roofer!

Can You Repair Hail Damage?

Yes! Even though hail can cause instant structural damages, the repairs can be quickly fixed if acted upon in a timely manner. Meaning that after a hail storm hits your area, contact your local contractor to come out for an inspection to asses if your home sustained any damage. One of the biggest problems homeowners face after a hail or wind storm is that the damages aren’t immediately noticed, so they don’t get the repairs until a leak starts or mold is growing in or on the home.  That’s one reason why it’s a good idea to get a roof inspection after a major storm.

In 2013, the American Association of Insurance Services, introduced a “Cosmetic Damage Exclusion” to allow insurers to avoid coverage for cosmetic damage. However, sometimes, a roof that has been functionally damaged will be passed off as only cosmetically damaged by the insurance company.

A qualified, trained roof inspector will know the difference and can assist the homeowner to make sure the insurance designation is properly assigned.

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How to Identify Hail Damage

  • Granules from shingles on the ground near the sides of your home
  • Dents in siding, gutters, or downspouts
  • Leaks in attic
  • Water damage spots on ceiling
  • Damage to air conditioners or other outdoor systems
  • Damage to siding or windowsills/casings
  • Chipped paint on deck or other painted surfaces
  • Dents in the chimney caps or roof vents (the metal can easily reveal hail damage)

When Emergency Damages Happen, Don’t Wait!

Your roof is the only thing between you and the elements. It bears the brunt of Mother Nature no matter what form she takes, from wind, hail, and snow to ice, heavy rain, and more. Unfortunately, no matter what type of roof you have, these elements will constantly erode over time. And that’s where we come in. We’re here to help keep your roof in tip-top shape even when the weather gets ugly.


If your Raleigh, NC or Durham, NC home needs hail damage repairs, contact us and we will promptly send out one of our expert home repair specialists!



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Hail damage can be the most difficult to identify to the untrained eye. When left unrepaired, it can be one the leading causes of roof leaks, which promotes mold growth, rot, and structural damages. 

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