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roof colorRoofing is one of the focal points of a home’s curb appeal, and its color is readily apparent at first glance. However, knowing which roof color will look best on your home can be challenging, especially when so many choices exist. This article will cover things to consider when choosing a darker or lighter color for your roof. We’ll be sure to cover everything you need to consider when making this critical decision.

Roofing Installation Garner NC Tips: Light or Dark Roof?

Contrast Is Key

Contrast can highlight key features of your home and improve its overall appearance. The primary consideration here is to take note of your home’s siding or exterior color. A dark roof color will add that needed contrast if the exterior is on the lighter side. A lighter roof color will do the trick if your home’s exterior is darker.

Monochromatic Design

Another trend in home design has been the monochromatic color scheme. As in, your roof matches your exterior and everything else you have on the exterior. As far as color goes, a unified appearance can look just as lovely. This design was more of a trend in the 90s and is less of one in modern design now.

Home Environment

It would be best if you also considered the surrounding environment of your home. For specific areas in the country, a dark roof color may look silly. For example, if you live in a region with a lot of color, you probably wouldn’t want to have a dark roof. Similarly, you wouldn’t want to slap a white roof on a log cabin or a dark-colored home.

Heat and Cold

Consider the climate of where you live. For example, in colder places, many homeowners prefer a darker roof color to absorb more heat from the sun. Similarly, a lighter-colored roof helps reflect some of the sun’s heat in locations that stay hot, keeping the house interior cooler.

Odyssey Contracting

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