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Emergency Tarping

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Emergency Tarp Installation May Be Covered By Your Homeowner’s Insurance!

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When a disaster strikes your home and creates an opening in the roof, having a tarp installed is upmost importance for how much additional damage your home sustains.

Emergency tarping

If a tarp is not immediately installed after a hole is created in your home roof or siding; water damage, mold or mildew are likely to happen. If this occurs, your insurance carrier could deny the damages on the grounds of “homeowner negligence”

Reasons for Emergency Tarping

emergency tarping

  • Storm Damage: Hail & wind storms are a common occurrence throughout the year in North Carolina. March-August are the prime months for storms in our region, with May having the greatest frequency.
  • Tree Damage: Heavy rains and high winds can easily push over a tree or branches into your home, creating an opening in your roof.
  • Roof Leaks: This can be from poor installation, defective shingles, old age, wind driven rain, and severe storms. All except leaks caused by installation are covered by insurance.
  • Missing Shingles: Missing shingles allow for water to enter your roof deck often without a stain developing inside your home. Instead it runs out of the soffit and rots the decking.
  • Ice Damming: Caused by extreme cold and poor roof ventilation.
  • House Fire: Even though the shingles may not look to be damaged, the extreme heat of a fire melts and damages the asphalt in the shingle.



Emergency Tarp Installation

We often see the tarp installer fasten the tarp to undamaged area of the home because it’s easier for them or saves more time. Areas that shouldn’t be nailed to are the fascia, gutters, and siding. If installed properly, battens should prevent the need for nailing a tarp to a wall. Wherever the opening is, the tarp should be installed no less than 2 feet away from the hole on each side, and from the bottom. The top of a tarping job should go over the ridge of the home and extend onto the adjacent roof plane by no less than 2 feet. This avoids water from getting under the tarp during high wind and rain events.

  • Tarping needs to be done by a professional to avoid excessive damage to shingles
  • Most of the tarp installations we see are fastened using “cap-nails”, which are nails that have a round plastic cap just below the nail head to spread out the load when pulled against
  • Rather than cap-nails, batten should be used to install the tarp. The battens can be 1×2 or 2×4 boards, they’re wrapped up in the perimeter of the tarp and then screwed down to the roof surface
  • Battens eliminate the need for nails in the center of the tarp. The strength of the wood battens, combined with the tensile strength of the tarp, make it where only the perimeter needs to be secured. This eliminates unnecessary nail holes in your roof system, which insurance companies like to see, and gives you a much longer lasting tarp installation.

How Long Does Emergency Tarping Take?

For missing shingles and minor storm created openings in your roof, a properly installed tarp will take about 2 hours. The height and pitch of the roof play a factor in this, the steeper and higher, the longer it takes.

For major storm created openings in the roof, the emergency tarp installation can take much longer. We often have to construct temporary bracing in the attic space and exterior walls before a tarp can be installed. The height and pitch play a major role. Expect 4-8 hours for this kind of tarp installation.

Emergency Tarping Cost

A properly and professionally installed tarp usually ranges from $500-$1500, if it’s after hours expect to pay a bit more for the late night service call. Fortunately, your homeowner’s insurance will most likely cover any costs incurred, as long as it was created by a sudden and catastrophic event (hail or wind storm).

At Odyssey Contracting, we guarantee you $0 above your deductible and will bill the insurance for the emergency tarp installation so you don’t have to come out of pocket.

Types of Tarps

The longevity of a tarp installation is based on the type of tarp that is used. Tarp comes in many different colors. The colors aren’t just pretty to look at, they indicate what type of usage the app the tarp is made for and how long it will stand up to the elements. Particularly UV rays, which break down the tarp overtime.

  • Blue tarps are the most commonly used. These are good for everyday use and offer some resistance to UV rays, typically lasting 90-120 days if exposed to the elements. These tarps are ideal for camping or construction projects.
  • Clear tarps are typically used for waterproofing areas that need to maintain full sunlight, such as a garden or an outdoor space
  • Black tarps a good choice if you need additional warmth because they capture and hold heat from the sun. One great use for them is to heat a pool on a budget
  • Silver tarps are highly reflective. This is great for a space that you need to keep the heat, or light out of
  • Red tarps are much heavier and thicker than most tarps, making them UV ray resistant, and therefore very durable. This tarp is great for extended outdoor use, such as covering a broken window that is going to take 4 months to come in

When Emergency Damages Happen, Don’t Wait!

If your Raleigh, NC or Durham, NC home needs emergency tarping, contact us and we will promptly send out one of our renovations specialists.

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emergency tarping

Tarping provides immediate coverage and protection from the outside elements. 

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