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Storm Damage Restoration

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How certain are you that your roof will hold up in the next big storm? If your answer was anything but “absolutely,” then it’s time to start thinking about your roof.

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The weather can hit hard in the Raleigh area, resulting in significant roof damage. When this happens at your home, leave the entire repair or replacement to Odyssey Contracting.

Our team has performed storm damage roof repair and replacement for countless customers in the Raleigh area. We know how to assess the damage, write an estimate, file a claim with your insurance company, and get to work fixing your roof.

Schedule storm damage roofing services by calling Odyssey Contracting at 984-272-9712.

Storm Damage Restoration Process


No-Cost Inspection

The storm damage restoration process starts with an inspection to assess the damages. Some damage is obvious, but much of it isn’t. Damage that’s missed will cause premature aging of shingles and lead to leaks.

A professional inspector can assess the storm damage that’s not visible to the untrained eye. We inspect for issues caused by water, hail, and wind damage.

Insurance Claims & Supplements

If the inspection reveals damage, we’ll recommend filing a claim with your insurance company. Our field representative will help you file the claim to ensure the correct information is relayed.

At that point, we’ll have you sign our insurance authorization form, which will allow us to meet and communicate with your adjuster and insurance company. This document is vital for negotiating a fair claim for your storm damage restoration and returning it to pre-storm condition.


Once a claim is confirmed with your insurance company and the homeowner receives the initial insurance estimate, our specialists will ensure all restoration components are included in the insurance estimate.

We’ll work diligently to get approved supplements and a fair claim awarded. This makes for a standardized estimate process with a detailed, line-by-line scope of work to return your home to its pre-incident condition.


We’ll begin scheduling the storm damage restoration process once we’ve settled the claim with your insurance and collected the first check. Our specialists will help you match or upgrade your material color or type.

A project manager will be on-site at the beginning of the job to help guarantee high-quality service. For roofing projects, a dedicated supervisor will be on-site throughout the restoration process to ensure quality and for detailed documentation and photos. 

Types of Storm Damage Restorations

Tree Damage Repairs

A tree falling on your home can be traumatic. Not only can a fallen tree cause severe damage and leave portions of your home exposed to the outside elements, but it can also cause the risk of further deterioration of structures and compromise your personal belongings and family’s safety.

You can trust our experienced team to handle any tree damage repairs you may need.

Hail Storm Damage Repairs

Hailstorm damage that’s left untreated can lead to premature aging of your home, weakened roof structures, and overall property deterioration. When a hailstone impacts the shingles on your roof, it causes two issues that are detrimental to their life expectancy and water-shedding ability. 

First, it dislodges the granules coating the asphalt shingles. These granules give the shingles their color, but more importantly, they block the sun’s UV rays from breaking down the asphalt in the shingle.

Second, a hailstone impacting your roof will fracture the matting of the shingle. The matting is the backbone of the shingle; it holds the asphalt in place rather than running in hot weather. Once the matting is fractured, the shingle will continue to break down, and eventually, leaks will occur.

Hail damage to a roof is unlike any other form of storm damage because it’s difficult to see hail hits, even for a roofer. A trained hail damage inspector is needed to determine the severity of the damage and advise on whether a claim is necessary.

Wind Damage Repairs

Wind damage can happen during a tropical storm, hurricane, and major storm fronts. Damage can go undetected on your roof, which is one reason why an inspection is needed. The problems not repaired on your siding, gutters, or roof can lead to more issues with future storms.

You can have extensive wind damage to your roof and not know it because there aren’t any missing shingles. A “wind-creased” shingle is the same as a missing shingle. Once the seal is broken, it will never re-seal itself, which gives water a route into your home. 


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storm damage restoration

How certain are you that your roof will hold up in the next big storm? If your answer was anything but “absolutely,” then it’s time to start thinking about your roof.

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