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Odyssey Contracting has made a name in the Pittsboro area by working hard to make sure all of our customers see the long-term results from their home improvements that they expect. At the time, we saw a need for reliable and ethical home remodeling contractors that could assist homeowners with whatever their home remodeling needs may be. We began this endeavor by focusing solely on windows, siding, and sunrooms. While our product selection may have changed, our core values have remained the same.

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Pittsboro Roofing Contractor

Roofing is work that you want to be handled by trained professionals. Your roofing is not the time to try to cut corners and save a buck. A lot of companies have to boast about how great they are but we have well over one hundred powerful reviews and testimonials from past clients behind us, in addition to being fully licensed and insured we feel like you won’t find a better deal anywhere else in the Pittsboro area. We handle roof installations, roof repairs, and you can even design your own roof and pick out all of your shingles.

Roof Repair

At Odyssey contracting, we can handle all of your roofing needs from total replacement to minor repairs. We’ve been around for 25 years now, nothing means more to us than ensuring we are putting out nothing but beautiful long-lasting work and meeting the expectations of all of our clients! We use nothing less than the highest quality materials when handling your roofing needs. We stand behind our long-lasting results.

Window Replacement & Installation Services

Window replacement is a huge boost for any home – both in terms of your curb appeal and property value as well as your overall energy efficiency! The biggest mistake that you can make is cutting corners out on your installation services, which will quickly come back to bite you. Not only do we source the highest quality windows, but we don’t consider an installation done until it’s perfect. New windows aren’t cheap, we’ll do our job to ensure you get the most out of your new windows. Learn more about our window services. Individually we offer the following types of windows:

Siding Installation Pittsboro NC

Having quality siding installed on your home is absolutely critical to maintaining good energy efficiency and keeping your home looking great year-round. Old siding is hard to maintain and can make your home a real eyesore. At Odyssey, we only install the highest quality vinyl and insulted sidings to ensure your home stays comfortable and is protected from even the harshest Pittsboro storms. Learn more about our siding installation.

Roof Insurance Claims

damage roof insurance claims 1At Odyssey Contracting, we specialize in handling all of your insurance claims related to roof damage from storms. Our licensed and experienced insurance adjuster deals exclusively with all insurance companies. At this point, we’ve handled hundreds of insurance claims per year over the last few years. Insurance is a pain to deal with, we do our best to handle all of the most annoying parts and keep the stress away from you. We keep thorough documentation to ensure we’re getting your insurance to cover as much as possible. Your insurance proceeds will cover all of our work unless you opt for any certain upgrades while we’re there working. It can be a great time to upgrade since we are here doing the work already! Learn more about storm damage insurance claims.

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Gutter Installation & Gutter Replacement

Gutters are essential for all homes. They control the flow of water from your home, and without them, you risk a lot of the water that falls pooling right around your home. This isn’t too bad unless it starts to seep into your foundation or basement. Water must run away from your home to areas it will quickly drain. Standing water is not good! We can get your gutters all repaired or install a brand new system to ensure you have perfect water flow going. Learn more about our gutter services.

Deck Building & Deck Installation

A deck is an amazing asset for any home! Our trained carpentry and deck building experts have years, even decades of knowledge and experience behind them. Quality materials are key to a long-lasting deck and we never cut corners there. Don’t make the mistake of using cheap materials or you’ll find yourself replacing that deck far sooner than you think. Odyssey Contracting can do repairs on your existing deck, additions, and completely new construction. We can help you navigate the headache of HOA’s and building permits if that applies to you! Learn more about our deck building and installation services.

Pittsboro Home Improvement

Please do feel free to contact Odyssey Contracting for all of your home remodeling or home replacement needs – from the bathroom to replacing all of your windows and installing new vinyl siding, we can take care of all your home renovation needs. We are here to make sure that YOU are satisfied at the end of the day regardless of what home improvements you are having done. Not in the Pittsboro, NC area? Check out all of our home improvement service areas

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