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Top-Rated Deck Builders in Garner, NC

There’s nothing like enjoying beautiful summer days and nights in Garner from your own deck. Adding a deck to your home is the perfect way to blend indoor and outdoor living and celebrate friends and family in an appealing space, whether in the front or back of your home.

Odyssey Contracting is proud to create custom decks for Garner homeowners, always designed and built to your unique specifications.

Call Odyssey Contracting today at 984-272-9712 to discuss bringing your dream deck to life.

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Deck Materials

We take pride in building wood decks with the lowest possible maintenance needs, but other options are also available. Here are a few of the decking choices we offer.

Wood Decks

Wood decking is a favorite for anyone who appreciates a traditional aesthetic with the unique grain of natural wood. Our treated lumber resists rot and is an affordable option that provides unmatched beauty.

Composite Decks

For a durable deck that comes in a wide range of colors with a variety of available finishes, composite decking is a solid offering.

PVC Decks

Although they’re easiest on the wallet and quite low maintenance, PVC decks are susceptible to fading from the sun and are difficult to repair.

Ultimately, your choice of decking material will come down to your budget, eye for aesthetics, and how much maintenance you’re willing to do.

An Odyssey Contracting expert can help you determine the right choice for your needs.

Call 984-272-9712 today to discuss what decking material is right for your Garner home.

Benefits of a Great Contractor

Finding a good contractor for your deck-building project is the key to getting a deck that lasts for years. Build quality is just as essential as the initial design and the quality of the materials —and if you don’t get good build quality, you’ll likely encounter expensive repairs sooner rather than later.

Odyssey Contracting is fully committed to working with the most experienced and professional builders so you can enjoy your Garner deck for years to come.

Call 984-272-9712 to experience our customer service for yourself and find out why we’re Garner’s choice for quality decks.

Why Choose Odyssey Contracting?

At Odyssey Contracting, we do whatever it takes to ensure our customers are happy as part of our mission to elevate expectations. You deserve to work with builders who value quality work and build relationships with customers based on respect and service. We deliver what we promise every time.

To start on quality deck building in Garner, call Odyssey Contracting at 984-272-9712 today.

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decks raleigh ncWooden Decks

You really can’t go wrong with the traditional wooden deck, carefully constructed and installed by Odyssey Contracting. Wooden decks are by far the most commonly built outdoor structures in the Raleigh, Garner, and Durham area.

They’re relatively affordable considering the material. Wood is cheaper than other synthetic materials, generally. One thing to keep in mind with wood decks is that, although the lumber is treated against rot, they still require regular cleaning, staining, and sealing to ensure a beautiful look for many years.

Deck Installation Professionals

Choosing an great contractor to handle all your deck building needs is as important as the design and materials in the final product. Poor building quality is a real problem — it will lead to costly repairs and possibly even replacement in the future. We recommend working with true experts like Odyssey Contracting to ensure nothing but great long-term results.

Build a Deck Today

A deck is the perfect thing for relaxing outdoors, grilling, enjoying a pool, and so much more. Our trained carpentry and deck-building experts have decades of knowledge and experience behind them. When we build a deck, we only do so with the highest quality lumber and supplies we can possibly source to ensure it lasts as long as possible.

In our days, we’ve been called to repair too many decks that were built with bad supplies and need desperate repair a few years after installation. We can repair your existing deck, additions, and completely new construction. We can help you navigate the headache of HOAs and building permits if that applies to you.


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