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Claims & Storm Damage

Roofing Insurance Claims Smithfield

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Odyssey Contracting specializes in insurance claims and storm damage restorations.
We keep a licensed insurance adjuster on staff to handle all of the disputes we need.

Every year, we are dealing with hundreds of insurance claims in our office. We want to ensure all customers stay well informed of every step in the process. Learn more about home insurance claims for the roof.

Smithfield Storm Damage Repairs

The field reps at Odyssey are well versed in the art of insurance claims. They have extensive knowledge on identifying wind and hail damage and their effects on the home, no matter how small they may be. The field reps are incredibly exact and meticulous in documentation because we want you to get every possible thing covered by the insurance company.

Unless you are looking for and willing to pay extra for any particular upgrades, we guarantee 0 costs on your deductible. Our Xactimate software is the same as the insurance companies for pricing calculations, allowing our estimates to be similar to your insurance company. We just put your zip code in and the software is able to accurately tell us costs for materials and labor in the area on average. Learn more about storm damage repair.

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Storm Damage Insurance Claims

The state-of-the-art weather software tracks storms and storm severity with great detail. We will consult with a meteorologist to verify our reports if we have any issues with the insurance companies agreeing.

Smithfield Storm Damage Contractors

And lastly, our field representatives stay abreast of any county or state building code changes each year. You can rest assured all code requirements have been accounted for within the insurance claim.

We’ll come out and do a roofing inspection for you at no cost and without asking for any money upfront. Financing is available for the deductible.

Chances are great that we can fix any issues your home may have; we are a full-service general contractor. We can do it all from roofing, windows, siding, gutters, decks, doors, garage doors, painting, interior drywall, water mitigation, and more. So make sure you ask us about any potential issues you may notice in or around your home!

Contact us today with any questions or concerns you may have or want us to answer!

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