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Grand Manor Installation

Before Pictures

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In this featured project we will be showcasing a CertainTeed Grand Manor shingle installation, along with open metal valleys and custom copper roofing on the two barrel dormers.

This home is located in the North Hills area of Raleigh, NC, near Honeycutt Rd and Durant Rd. This part of the Raleigh area that has many beautiful homes, that are very well maintained. The maintenance of the roof is the main reason we were able to acquire this project.

The roof was 20 years old and as you can see in the pictures, the shingles are stained with algae. Beyond that, the custom copper roofing was leaking. Click any picture to enlarge the photos and see what the roof looked like beforehand.

As stated before, the roof was 20 year old, with significant algae growth, and had problems with the copper roof leaking. Due to the highly visible roof algae, and the fact that the North Hills area of Raleigh, NC had been hit with a hailstorm, one of our specialists made contact with the homeowners to offer them a free roof inspection.

Upon conducting the inspection, we found that the home had CertainTeed Independence shingles installed on the roof, which were discontinued in 2018. This is significant because the shingles being discontinued makes it much easier to get a full roof replacement approved by insurance carriers, but only if there is storm damage on the roof. 

We did, in fact, find hail damage to the roof vents, copper flashings and soft metals in general. After presenting our findings to the homeowner, we advised that they should contact the claims department of their insurance company to file a claim for hail damage. 

We were able to secure a full replacement after meeting with the adjuster and showing the damage. Unfortunately, the adjuster wasn’t familiar with the CertainTeed Independence Shingle, and only paid for a standard laminated architectural shingle. The approval should have been for a Premium Grade shingle, like the CertainTeed Grand Manor. 

To show the adjuster that the shingle was of high quality, we took a shingle sample from the roof and sent it to a company named ITEL. ITEL is a company that specializes in matching building products. Once their report came back, the insurance adjuster approved the Grand Manor Shingles. This took the claim from an original estimate of $42,000+ to $74,000+. 


During Pictures

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After Pictures

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