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We at Odyssey Contracting believe we belong at the top of any roofing contractor list for the greater Raleigh Durham area, but we also don’t want you to just take our word for it. Finding a roofing contractor takes a little bit of effort to make sure you are getting someone who can get the job done well for a reasonable price. Of course, we want your business, but we want to earn it after you go through a process like the one described below.

roofing contractorMake a list of prospects – There are a lot of opinions on how to make this list. Some will recommend you go online and do some research; others suggest you should ask friends and family for referrals. Both of these are good, but try to get your list from a variety of sources.

Online reviews are good because much of it is organic and out of the control of the contractor. The Better Business Bureau will have any complaints made against any of them and Google and Yelp reviews can often give a sense of customer satisfaction. Referrals from loved ones can be good too, but just because one friend had a good experience doesn’t mean that company is consistent.

It also may be your coworker’s buddy or cousin that they are helping get work, so gather your list from a few diverse sources.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Your Roofer Questions

Invite each of them to the job site – Meeting them in person can tell you a lot. Do they show up in a professional vehicle with their business logo on it? Does the person who comes to meet you seem interested and knowledgeable? When they’re with you, does their phone keep ringing with other business? Can they answer questions confidently?

Ask them for some details on their company – Important details on their business include whether they are insured, whether they have the proper licensing and whether they are part of a professional organization related to roofing (like National Roofing Contractor Association). These details don’t necessarily mean they will do better or worse than another contractor, but a professional-level contractor will have all these ducks in a row and will be happy to provide them if asked.

Inquire about the company’s work dynamics – Who is going to come out to do the job? Is it just the owner and his brother or is it a full crew that will knock it out in a day? How long have they been doing this? What kind of materials do they use? There are a lot of details to consider with a roofing contractor, and a good company will have a system in place to make sure it’s organized.

Get a bid, not an estimate – To really know what you would get from each of these contractors, and for what price, you’ll have to get an actual bid from each of them. Estimates are fuzzier and can be adjusted later depending on if their initial impressions pan out. Be wary of both the highest and the lowest bids. A low bid could be a sign of a struggling company trying to gin-up business by cutting corners.

Higher bids could be the sign of someone trying to overcharge, hoping you won’t notice. Neither of these is necessarily the case, but keep an eye on price outliers. Also, keep an eye on exactly what is included in the contract. Do you get a warranty of any kind? How about site clean-up that is included?

Finding the Right Roofing Contractor for you Could Just be a Matter of Time or Looking into more Options

The last piece of advice: put Odyssey Contracting on your list. Odyssey Contracting serves Clayton, Fuquay-Varina, RaleighGarner, Durham, Cary, Chapel Hill, and Wake Forest, but also as far west as Greensboro and as far east as Fayetteville. We have a professional, dedicated crew of roofing contractor and would be honored to be included on your roofing contractor prospect list. Give us a call at 919-916-5640 to inquire or to plan a site visit. Don’t forget to follow us on social media for our latest deals and specials & events!