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Hand-Nailing Shingles vs Using Nail Gun

nailingDoes it matter? Technically, No, the manufacturers approve both nailing methods so there is no “right” or “wrong” way for nailing shingles.

But… and there is always a “but”, there is always a preferred method. There are Pros and Cons to each method. Every company has to weigh each of these to see how they provide the best to their customer. Let’s take a look at some of these.

Pros for Nail Gun

Speed. Naturally if you can do something faster, the more you can do within a certain time period. This will cut down on labor cost and allow more projects to be completed quicker.

No Smashed Fingers. This one kind of speaks for itself. If you don’t have the time to “walk it off”, or find a band-aid, the nail gun method can get you ahead on a project.

Pros for Hand Nailing

Feeling the Nail. When sending a hand-driven nail into the decking under the shingle, you can feel weak spots, like rot or cracks. This is an advantage as the problem can be corrected immediately. A nail in a weak area is more likely to be compromised and a loss of a shingle could result in damage.

Nail Line. Manufacturers put a nail line on each shingle to mark the best placement for nails. Hand Nailing makes it easier to keep on the line to ensure the best placement.

Cons for Nail Gun

Cost. The cost has to be considered also. If you drop a hammer off the roof, you have to climb down and retrieve it. A dropped pneumatic nailer, well, you are back on your way to the store to pick up another one. Also, the setup expense for the air compressor and hoses as well as the gun itself. Somebody is going to pay for this.

Placement. Can someone walking along a steep incline hit a straight line with an air-compressed nail gun each and every time? Will it go in straight and the right depth?

Cons for Hand Nailing

Smashed Fingers. I don’t really think we have to spend a lot of time on explaining this. We have all done it one in our lifetime. Not something we what to dwell on.

Speed. A well-placed nail will take a few seconds to drive in the right place, but are seconds what it is all about.

A well-placed nail is the most important issue here. A nail not driven to the correct depth, not too deep or high, along the nail line is what will keep your shingles fastened to your roof the best. Having a qualified roofer working with a company that believes in the quality of work, the safety of property and workers, and effective cleanup afterward is the most important factor.

Working with someone you can trust to complete the job and deliver a quality product will keep you sleeping at night. Talk to our roofing repair and installation experts today, the pros here at Odyssey can likely handle all of the work you need done for you! Don’t forget to follow us on social media for our latest deals and specials & events!