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Odyssey Contracting window replacement companyHave you noticed your energy bills creeping up? Do you feel drafts coming from some windows? Maybe it’s time to consider replacing a few or all of your home’s windows. However, replacing windows can be an expensive prospect. So, is it better to replace one or all of them at once?

Unfortunately, there is no definite answer to this question. It all depends on the situation. Maybe the windows aren’t offering the performance you expect, or they’re past their visual prime. Whatever the case, you must have wondered if there are benefits or savings to replacing all the windows at once. Sometimes, it only makes sense to replace broken or leaking windows, while it’s good to do a complete refresh at other times.

Window Replacement Company Tips: Replace a Few or All?

Evaluate the Situation

What should you consider when deciding whether to replace your windows once? There are different things to consider when replacing your home’s windows. The first is, why do you need to invest in replacement windows? Maybe the current windows have become problematic regarding energy efficiency or visual appeal. Is the problem isolated to a few windows or widespread? You might have to replace all the windows at once if it is widespread.


The next consideration is budget. Is now a good time to invest in new replacements across the board, or can you only manage to address the most critical areas? It all boils down to whether you need to replace every window in your home or not.


You might not need a full-scale replacement, but there are many reasons you can benefit from replacing all your windows. Any window replacement company will tell you a one-off replacement saves time and, in some cases, saves you money. As a contractor, we offer deals to make window replacements more affordable.

Odyssey Contracting

Window replacement isn’t simply replacing the windows and collecting the check. You need a company like Odyssey Contracting to evaluate your windows and give advice. Do you need a complete overhaul, or do you need to replace a few of your windows? What type of windows do you need for the best efficiency? These are questions best answered by our experts in the field of window replacement. Odyssey Contracting is the company to partner with to get the best result. In addition, we are the window replacement company to help you stay on schedule to get all the windows replaced when the right time comes. So, contact us today at 919-916-5640 and let us install energy-efficient, attractive, durable windows in your home.