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Casement Windows

Odyssey Contracting is here to make sure all of your window replacements go as smoothly as possible for you.
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Casement windows are easily among the most popular styles out there today – they’ve been used widely since the early 18th century. Even if you didn’t know what they were called you’ve likely seen these before – they crank open with a little handle. These windows cast a certain aura of elegance, they can turn any room into a real eye-catcher.

Beautiful, Sturdy, Energy Efficient Windows

Modern-day casement windows tend to almost always be made out of aluminum which is absolutely fantastic – that means they will not rust, rot, warp at all, or need constant refinishing to keep looking fresh. Even today these windows are incredibly highly praised for their mixture of low maintenance needs and beauty. No worries about the wind, rain, sunlight, storms, and whatever else goes on around your Raleigh area home, these windows are going to stand the test of time! It’s so important that you ensure your window installation is handled by professionals, with real experience. One small mistake will take away all of your energy savings in a flash, don’t let that be you!

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raleigh nc casement windowClassic Style Meets Elegant

Casement windows are widely held as that perfect middle ground between an old-style classic widow and a beautiful new one with great energy efficiency. Casement windows aren’t all one size fits all either, you can pick the direction and side that they open from to ensure it works best in your home! Making sure you pick the right windows for your home is so important the first time around, a casement window is a fantastic option for any window in your home and will look good anywhere!

  • Sturdy crank handle systems mean your window is going to open and close reliably for years to come regardless of how much you use it.
  • Year-round energy efficiency from a mixture of double-paned glass, spacers, and weathering!
  • Easy cleaning/maintenance – these windows are extremely easy to clean you won’t need anything more than a rag and some window cleaner to get the entire thing spotless!

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Odyssey Contracting is proud to service the Raleigh & Garner areas and all of the surrounding communities! If you are a homeowner and you need your windows replaced, doors replaced, bathtub replaced or converted, siding installed, or roofing repaired then we have got you completely covered! We’re here to make sure you get the long-term results that you deserve.

Learn more about our window services. Individually we offer the following types of windows:

Odyssey Contracting brings top-quality windows and several years of high quality windows installation experience to every project

  • Energy Star partner of the year – 8 years
  • AAMA Gold Label certification
  • R-5 polyurethane foam filled sash and frame
  • 0.07 cfm air infiltration – 4.3 times better than industry minimum
  • Heavy duty locks for superior protection against weather
  • Fusion welded sashes and frames increases durability
  • Certa-Force balance system for easy operation
  • Low-profile tilt latches for easy cleaning
  • Screen locks for added security
  • Triple pane options available
  • Half & full screen options
  • Double lifetime transferable warranty


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