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Window Replacement Experts

Getting your old windows replaced is by far the easiest way to not only drastically increase the energy efficiency of your home but boost your curb appeal and make your home feel like new again. We can’t stress enough the importance of making sure that you’re only working with expert window installers. We’ve come across homes that have some of the most expensive “energy saving” windows on the market but aren’t seeing any difference in the electric bill or what they’re feeling. If you feel like you fall into this category, you need to talk to us today. double hung garner nc

Our window installation experts, with years of training and experience behind them, get window installation jobs done correctly every time guaranteed, we won’t call a job done until we feel 100% confident that it is going to last you for the long-term. If you’re going to the trouble of spending all of this money on windows all ready the least you can do is ensure they are installed correctly and doing as they claim.

 Boost Your Energy Efficiency Today

Yes, new windows are a large investment for most people, they’re not something you just randomly decide to replace. But your old drab windows are just sitting there costing you money, money that new energy-efficient windows could be saving you. Not only do new modern-day windows look fantastic on any home, but you’re going to be able to feel immediate energy savings. Chances are high on a really cold day if you stand next to your old windows you can feel the cold air from feet away. New windows won’t let that happen, they’re going to keep your nice conditioned air just how you want it. 

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Window Replacement Inspiration

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casement window raleigh ncSingle Hung

The most common type of windows you’re going to see out there – you can find either single-hung or double-hung windows in just about every single home out there. They’re just extremely easy to use, affordable, and still do a fantastic job of maintaining your energy efficiency, all while being easy to maintain and looking great while doing it. Learn more about single-hung windows.

Double Hung

Double-hug windows have two vertical glass panels that can slide both up and down in the frame at the same time. They can open very wide from either top or bottom and won’t protrude in any way whatsoever. This is as opposed to a single-hung window in which only the bottom part of the window operates and the top stays completely stationary. Learn more about double-hung windows. 


These are hinged windows that operate with the simple turn of a crank arm that controls the opening mechanism. Depending on your home layout and what works best for you the hinge can either come on the left or the right side. Learn more about casement windows.


Picture windows are generally very large fully stationary windows designed to let in the maximum amount of light possible. These are perfect for those seeking the best outside views and natural light coverage. Learn more about picture windows.

Slider Windows

Sliding windows glide open horizontally from one side, providing easy access to fresh air. Sliding windows are popular in contemporary-style homes as well as in basements, tight spaces, or rooms that need extra ventilation. They offer you a fantastic view, with no compromise made on your view. Learn more about our slider windows. 

Custom-made Windows

Odyssey Contracting is here for all of your custom-made windows installation needs. We can help you design and get the windows of your dreams set up in your home in no time. Our expert window installation teams will work hard to ensure that you end up with the results you’re looking for, we want nothing less than perfection for everyone! Learn more about our custom-made windows. 

Odyssey Contracting brings top-quality windows and several years of high quality windows installation experience to every project

  • Energy Star partner of the year – 8 years
  • AAMA Gold Label certification
  • R-5 polyurethane foam filled sash and frame
  • 0.07 cfm air infiltration – 4.3 times better than industry minimum
  • Heavy duty locks for superior protection against weather
  • Fusion welded sashes and frames increases durability
  • Certa-Force balance system for easy operation
  • Low-profile tilt latches for easy cleaning
  • Screen locks for added security
  • Triple pane options available
  • Half & full screen options
  • Double lifetime transferable warranty


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