Storm Damage Repair

When it comes to storm damage, it’s essential that you (or your contractor) mitigate the damages as quickly as possible. You’ll need a company you can count, 247, rain or shine. Wind and water damage can quickly go from a minor repair to a major restoration project if the right steps are not immediately taken to stop the damage. If your contractor is unwilling to install a tarp on your roof because it is still wet, you’ll need to find another contractor. Emergency repair services are offered by many companies, including us!

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It takes surprisingly little water to buckle a hardwood floor, a simple tarp installed on the roof can prevent this from happening (if the roof is the source of the water). If you have a frozen pipe that has burst, the main water supply to the home need to be turned off immediately. The main point is to act immediately, contact an emergency services contractor and your insurance company.

So long as your contractor documents the damages to your property (photographs & video before and during the tear-out process), you don’t need to worry when they start cutting out drywall before the insurance company has seen the damage first hand, it will be covered under your insurance policy. That being said, you should verify coverages at the time you call in your claim. Just be sure that everything is documented well.

The purpose of cutting out wet drywall, insulation and carpet is to make sure that the damage doesn’t spread and that mold doesn’t start to grow (mold can start to grow in as little as two days). Failure to take these mitigation steps could, though rarely, result in your insurance provider deny part, or all, of your insurance claim due to “Negligence”.

At Storm Restoration, we’re fast, efficient, and we take the proper steps to alleviate and repair roof storm damage to save you time and money.

When it comes to storm damage repair, there are a variety of damage types your home can experience. This can be especially true during hail, tornado and hurricane seasons when your roofs can undergo strenuous abuse. Water, wind and hail damage are all common and can work against a roof individually or in tandem. Repairs you can believe in demand roofers you can trust. All our roofers are in-house workers, we don’t sub-contract. This can make the difference between roof repair that spares your property damage and roof repair that leaves you in need of major restoration.

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