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Durham Home Exteriors – Deck, Fences, & Doors

Fence Installers Durham

wood fences and home exteriorsThe professional fence builders at Odyssey Contracting are here to help you get the perfect fence for your home. Fencing material has come very far. Today’s fences are almost all strong, low-maintenance, and look great on any home. Learn more about all of our fence installation services. We can do repair work on and install the following types of fences:

Wood Fences

Wood fences, though they’ve been around for a long time, are still an extremely reliable and common fencing option. Relatively speaking, they are low cost and will last for a very long time. Wood fences are great for marking property, keeping pets safe, creating a private backyard, and so much more. Check out our wooden fence installation.

Aluminum Fences

Aluminum fencing comes in all kinds of colors, designs, and variations for you to choose from. Aluminum fencing is ideally suited to stand the test of time, it’s powerful, and we’ve seen them for a long time through some severe weather. Our aluminum fences from Odyssey Contracting perfectly enclose and style any backyard area! Check out our aluminum fence installation.

Vinyl Fences

Vinyl is one of the toughest and lowest maintenance fencing materials on the market, they need almost 0 maintenance. They hold up incredibly well over time and during the course of regular maintenance and things like weed eating, and they actually come in all kinds of different color options for you to choose from. Check out our vinyl fence installation.

Privacy Fences

The primary reason our clients tell us they want a fence is just to increase the privacy they have in their own backyard. The only real difference between a normal and privacy-oriented fence is that these tend to be around 6 feet tall and have nearly no gaps at all. Check out our privacy fence installation.

Durham Home Exterior Experts

If you are on the market for a new deck or a fence installation for your home, you need to contact Odyssey Contracting today! We will come out for an obligation-free estimate today.

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Decking Inspiration

Deck Builders Durham

decks raleigh nc 3We feel the best way to ensure all customers end up with a quality deck is to control the process from materials to construction. We have decades of experience with porch design. We feel confident we can help make your vision come true. We’re well-versed when it comes to working with HOA’s and getting all of your licensures in order. Learn more about our deck-building services. 

Wooden Decks

You really can not go wrong with the traditional wooden deck, constructed by our master deck builders at Odyssey Contracting. They’re relatively affordable, considering the material. Wood is cheaper than other materials generally speaking and is strong enough to really last for a highly long time given the proper care and good building techniques. Learn more about our wooden deck building services. 

Door Installation & Door Replacement

Doors are one of the most critical yet underrated aspects of both your home’s overall function and curb appeal. Ever come across a home that has an ugly front door or one that doesn’t match how the rest of the house looks at all? Yeah, it’s quite the eyesore!

Durham Entry Doors

french doors raleigh ncA lovely front door is a real treat to come home to. We are incredibly proud to work closely with ProVia, a results-oriented company that crafts some of the finest doors that we could wish to offer. Our resident door installation and design experts are more than willing to talk ideas with you and help you figure out precisely what door will work best for your home in the long term. Learn more about entry door installation.

French Doors

We have a large inventory of stunning French doors ready to accent and give you some privacy in separate parts of your own home. The proper French door in the right area of your home can make it look better than you’ve ever imagined. They can elevate the overall level of style in any room. Learn more about French Door Installation.

Sliding Doors

A sliding glass door offers you a seamless view in and out of your home. Since they function differently than your standard door, sliding doors take up far less room in your home when open and make the spaces blend. We have wooden, vinyl, metal, and more sliding doors. Learn more about sliding doors.

We take a tremendous amount of pride in the door repair and replacement work that we do. If you need experts to handle your home renovations, then you need to call Odyssey Contracting. We have been lucky enough to partner with some of the premier door manufacturers in the country, ensuring we have access to the highest quality materials on the market for our customers. Call or contact us today for a free quote.

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