Roofing Services

Roofing in Raleigh, NC

Roofing services and roof replacements are usually the last thing on a homeowners mind when it comes to home maintenance. The roof of a home, and it’s accessories, are one of the costliest, and least-considered, items thought about in the purchase of a new or used home. For older homes this is especially important to be aware of because replacing a roof is often far more expensive then most think.

Most homeowners in America only replace a roof once or twice in a lifetime, and when you do, we want you to think of Odyssey Contracting! We offer the highest standards in asphalt shingle, metal-roofing, flat roofs and beyond! We believe that: “A company should always strive to have the job done done right, the 1st time!”


We provide roofing services for all of Wake County, Johnston County and into many other areas surrounding Raleigh. Our work radius is roughly 40-miles around the Raleigh area.

As a preferred contractor with Owens Corning (Contractor#223749), we uphold the highest standards for roofing installation, customer relationships/service and jobsite cleanliness. We understand, and appreciate, that replacing the roof on your home or business is a huge project! It’s also a project that most people only go through once or twice in their life. As a result, we strive to make it the most pleasant and hassle-free process as possible for our clients.

During any roof install, no matter the type (flat, pitched, silicone etc..), we use the name brand products that are made to go together. If it’s a Firestone system, we use all Firestone products, if it’s an Owens Corning system, we use all Owens Corning products.

We firmly believe that when a manufacturer makes a product line, they intend for all accessories of that system to be used, in conjunction with the main product, in order to ensure a well functioning system. Products made by a different manufacturer certainly can be used with the system being installed, but we feel that the right parts for the right job equals a quality project. It’s definitely more expensive to do jobs this way but we don’t feel that cutting corners on product quality is the right way to make profits or to earn referrals.

Roofing Services We Provide

  • Asphalt shingle roofing replacements and shingle repairs
  • Roof cleaning services
  • Copper roofing (Including Eyebrows and Cornice Strips)
  • Metal roofing (Including standing-seam and ribbed-panel)
  • Silicone roof coverings
  • Modified Bitumen (flat roofs) installation and repair
  • BUR (Built-up roofing)
  • Roof assessments
  • Roof inspections
  • Insurance claim representation for roof replacements

Roof Replacement Process

The materials will be delivered on the day prior to the start of shingle removal. Doing this gives us a chance to inspect all materials and to confirm that the order is correct prior to beginning the labor. On the morning of the project, our team will begin with:

  • Moving your personal property (grill, flower pots, patio tables etc..) out of the way to prevent unnecessary damages
  • We will cover all shrubbery with painters-cloth-tarps (we use these, instead of blue-tarps like many other roofing contractors, because this type of tarp breathes and reflects solar-rays) rather than standard blue-tarps. The tarps we use prevent the burning of leaves and grasses during the project
  • Gutter protection boards are installed just above the gutter-line to prevent damages to the gutters during the re-roofing process

Our skilled roofers will remove your existing roofing materials/accessories, examine your substrate for any needed repairs, complete the needed repairs and reinstall your new products giving you a brand-new roof. All of this while you go about your day! We make things as easy and hassle-free as possible for our customers.

Storm damage to your roof is not always noticeable, so leave it to our trained storm specialists to find the damage and assist you in the process of having it repaired. Our goal is to provide excellent customer service, a quality product and all of this in a low-stress environment for you.

As you will see in the photos below we only use the best products. For example, no matter the pitch of your roof, we install a synthetic felt as the underlayment and install valley protection to provide our homeowners that additional peace of mind that their new roof is solid. Each residential roof we install gets the full Owens Corning system. This includes:

Helping us achieve our quality product goal is our partnership with Owens Corning through their Preferred Contractor program. This allows us to offer not only our 3-year labor warranty but also three levels of system warranties (pricing and availability may vary, please consult with your sales representative).