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Insurance Claims

Here at Odyssey Contracting we specialize in insurance claims, this includes both residential and light commercial claims.

Storm Damage Restorations

We provide specialized emergency cleanup and restoration services to bring your property back to normal with minimal interruption.


Odyssey Contracting specializes in all types of roof replacements and we serve the greater Raleigh area, Durham and over to Greensboro.

Raleigh Roofer - #1 Residential Roofing Contractor

Why Choose Odyssey Contracting?

Odyssey Contracting is where your restoration journey begins. We have been rated the top Raleigh Roofer. We Serve the greater Raleigh area, Durham, Greensboro, and Fayetteville, we are your one-stop-shop for all your restoration needs. Odyssey Contracting offers numerous services, including insurance claim representation, roof repair services, residential roof installations, light commercial roof installations, siding installations, carpentry, interior & exterior painting and much more.

Our Service

Home Renovations

Home renovations can become a daunting challenge for many homeowners; where do you start, who do you call, in what order should the repairs be made and so on. Odyssey Contracting’s goal is to take this burden off our client’s shoulders. Our goal is to let you go about your day while we get your home back to its original glory!

Our Promise

We operate with the mantra of doing the job right, the first time, on budget and on time! We understand that things don’t always go as planned and that unforeseen challenges do arise but what separates a great contractor from everyone else is not how they react when everything goes according to plan, it’s how they react when things don’t!

Budget Friendly

To further your trust that we are the right contractor, we don’t ask for any up-front payments. Instead, we will order all materials needed and have them delivered to the project. Once work has begun, then we ask for the first half. Once the job has been completed (or at the completion of each trade, on a complex project) we will do a quality-control inspection with each of the owners to ensure your satisfaction. Once this is completed, and you are satisfied, we ask for final payment. You will always be assured that you are getting what you have paid for.

Our Guarantee

You can rest assured that your home is in good hands when you choose Odyssey Contracting!

Our Service Area