Insurance Claims

Insurance Claims

For many homeowners and business owners, filing an insurance claim can be intimidating. Is the damage bad enough to need to make a claim? Do I call my agent or the 1-800 number? Is filing a claim going to raise my premiums? How do I know if I’m being treated fairly? These are all very important questions that you need reliable answers to.

Here at Odyssey Contracting, we specialize in insurance claims, this includes both residential and light commercial claims. We will assist you throughout the process, from initial inspection to filing the completion papers.

We do not charge our clients for their initial inspection or assistance in filing the claim, giving our clients a guarantee of $0.00 cost above their deductible (if no upgrades are requested). Odyssey Contracting is where your journey begins.

  • The first step is to contact us to set up an inspection with one of our team members
  • We will meet with you to go over the damages that you have found and to answer any questions that you may have and to go over the necessary policy information (deductible, coverages and any exclusions)
  • We will then do a thorough inspection of the areas that have sustained damages, documenting, photographing and measuring (when needed) along the way
  • Once all damages have been noted we will assess the potential claim to see if an insurance claim should be made (if the damages aren’t severe, it may be more beneficial for you to pay out of pocket rather than filing a claim)
  • If the damages are severe enough, we will then assist you in making the initial claim with your insurance companies claims department
  • Once the claim has been filed an adjuster will contact you, generally, within 24-72 business hours to set a time & date for the inspection (you contact us with this time & date so that we can be present)
  • You should plan to be present for the adjusters meeting so that the adjuster and our representative can inspect any interior damages and to go over all findings together, while the information is fresh (this is not mandatory but is advised)
  • Our representative will be present to meet with you and the insurance adjuster at the scheduled time
  • We will assist the adjuster throughout the inspection and make sure that all damages have been assessed (It is very important to have a qualified contractor present during the inspection so that you are being represented)
  • Once the damage has been assessed, the adjuster and our representative will discuss what’s necessary for the repairs to be completed and come to an agreed upon Scope-of-work for the project, guaranteeing you $0.00 cost above your deductible

Once the scope-of-work has been produced by your insurance provider, we will review it with you and determine a date for the work to begin

  • The first portion of the insurance payment will be given to us once the materials have been delivered and work begins
  • We will photograph and document all products used and methods of installation used to complete the project
  • Any additional damages found will be documented, repaired and supplemented for on your behalf
  • Upon completion of the work our representative will do a “quality-control” inspection with you, the client, and the completion forms will be sent to your insurance carrier