Gutter Services

Gutter Services

Gutters And Builders Usually Don’t Mix

Odyssey Contracting offers a wide variety of gutter services for residential and commercial properties. As a general contractor, we regularly see the difference that proper gutter size and proper gutter installation can make on your home or business. Having the wrong size gutters, clogged gutters or gutters that aren’t installed properly can lead to numerous issues to your property.

Most builders use the cheapest gutters & installers they can find. Unfortunately, most homeowners & business-owners have no idea what size, or how much, guttering should be installed on their property and expect that the builder has installed the right product. Often times, especially with “track-home” builders, this just isn’t the case. Money saved is more important than quality work.

Gutter Maintenance

Keeping your gutters clean is just as important as having the right gutter size. When your gutters are full of foliage and shingle-granules, they tend to back up. This leads to spillover on the front and back sides of the gutters. Spillover leads to rotten fascia and roof decking, which are far more expensive to repair than what it costs to keep your gutters clean! Contact us today to get a quote on cleaning your gutters.

You should check that your gutters are tight against the fascia, all around your home. Most homes built in the 2000’s and earlier will have gutters that are attached using gutter-nails. Gutter-nails tend to back out over time because your home swells-and-contracts in summer and winter, this pushes the nails out of your fascia boards. You can nail these back in but the issue will persist and the nails will continue to back out.

If you have gutter nails, and if they are backing out, your best option is to either screw the gutter into your fascia board or to have “gutter-hangers” installed. Gutter hangers clip to the inside lip of the gutter, they are screwed into the fascia board and they pull the gutter tightly together as the screw is tightened.

We, Odyssey Contracting, use gutter hangers, exclusively, on all of our gutter repair and installation projects. Using “hangers” ensures a tight bond to the fascia-board, and a gutter that will not back out.

Some of the products we provide are seamless 5 & 6-inch seamless gutters with a full-color palette to choose from, half round gutters and even copper gutters.

As you can imagine, gutter types and the installation methods have changed over the years. One big improvement is that our gutters are seamless rather than being screwed together with connector joints. These joints are weak points in the gutter that lead to failures.  Another vast improvement is in the way that we fasten our gutters. For many years gutters were installed using spikes (long nails) that were nailed through the fascia boards. This, as most have seen before, is a system that allows the nails to back out over time and lets the gutters pull away from the home. Now we use gutter-hangers. This is a system that clips into the inside lip of the gutter and is screwed into the fascia and rafter tail. This system is far less likely to pull away from the home and gives much more structural integrity.

Another nice addition to your new gutter system would be the add-on of gutter guards/leaf-guards. These come in a variety of designs and functions, ranging from expensive gutter-helmets to cost-effective gutter-screens.

Gutter guards, also known as a gutter helmet, is a smooth surface that keeps leaves and pine needles out while allowing water in. These are more expensive than gutter screens but they are also more aesthetically pleasing and they have a large color pallet to choose from. Please see the photos below to select the style that you like.

Gutter screens are just as they sound. It is a screen that covers over your gutters to protect them from broad leaves getting in. Most screens are not as efficient at keeping out pine needles as they are broad leaves but they are very cost effective. There are more expensive gutter screens that are effective at keeping out pine-needles and broad leaves but they are more expensive that the standard gutter screens. Please see the photos below to see the types of gutter screens that we provide.

Our installers are efficient and work directly to your specifications. With free estimates provided on any service, call us today for your gutter needs!