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1. Sean1

Sean Holmes

General Manager

From Monroe, Georgia

Sean Holmes founded Odyssey Contracting with the principles of quality workmanship, on-time installations, excellent communication, and environmentally conscious practices. After 20+ years in the fields of exterior home renovations and interior finish carpentry, along with 10+ years in the insurance claims industry, Sean has come to be known as an expert in claims management, along with the anatomy and application of roofing, siding and windows.

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As a licensed & certified General Contractor, combined with the Owens Corning Platinum Preferred & CertainTeed Master Shingle Applicator certifications, and the IICRC water mitigation license, Sean stays at the cutting-edge of new products, installation techniques and Green Building practices. What Sean enjoys most about his role at Odyssey is molding and developing expert employees, with a quality driven, customer centric focus.

When Sean is away from work, he enjoys spending quality time with his wife (Ixia Holmes) and 2 beautiful Weimaraner’s (Odin and Georgia). He also loves getting into the great outdoors with camping, hiking, and golfing as his main hobbies.

2. Ixia1

Ixia Holmes

Company Manager

From Atlanta, Georgia

Ixia grew up in a family of construction, working alongside her dad during her youth. Later she attended college and became an RN, but made the decision to go back to her family roots and work in the contracting industry herself. She wanted to put all her focus into Odyssey Contracting, LLC and be a part of her own family business.

Ixia is the company manager at Odyssey Contracting, LLC providing excellent customer service and an upbeat atmosphere to the office. 

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Coming from the Atlanta, GA area and now her family resides in North Carolina, calling it home. They have enjoyed building their home and business in North Carolina. They have a home full of love with Ixia, her husband Sean and their two amazing Weimaraner dogs. Odin and Georgia bring a lot of fun into the home and occasionally at the office.

Ixia gracefully manages the office, works side by side with the employees and handles the tough task of payroll. Her day-to-day tasks keep her busy and she maintains a great office workflow. Also, bringing the attribution of being bilingual, English and Spanish. This helps maintain great communication with clients and serve in a diverse community that is quickly growing.

When not working, she can be found doing outdoor activities that they most enjoy. Ixia and her family enjoy camping, hiking and water activities, including kayaking. Family is most important; spending time with her husband, mom, siblings and nephew. Their young nephew is the newest addition and joy to the family.

Ixia enjoys serving her community in the contracting industry and has hopes to continue to grow within the triangle area, succeeding as a top contractor in North Carolina. Odyssey Contracting, LLC is a top priority to her family, and they are grateful to continue to watch it grow daily!

3. Michael

Michael St. Pierre

Director of Residential/Commercial Projects

Raised in Massachusetts, but happy to be back with original roots in North Carolina

Michael St.Pierre brings a long and varied background to Odyssey Contracting in the construction management and exterior renovations arena and is regarded as one of the most accomplished roofing mechanics in the industry. As a certified General Contractor along with Owens Corning Platinum Preferred and CertainTeed Master Shingle Applicator status, Michael brings an incredible amount of expertise and mastery when it comes to diagnostics and forward-thinking during project scope development.

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Michael is also Roof Ventilation (Building Envelope) certified through Air Vent Corporation and has continued utilizing “Green Building” concepts. With over 30 years of construction experience, Michael displays a full range of expertise in all areas of building. Some areas of specialized focus are: slate, cedar, specialty asphalt roofing as well as EPDM and TPO roofing for flat roof applications. In addition, his knowledge in siding and window installation is unmatched.

What Michael likes most about his job is diagnosing exterior component leaks or failures, and comprising more sustainable and leak-proof methodologies. He is also very thorough when working with homeowners, whether it is exploring multiple solutions with the homeowner or explaining the pros and cons of these possibilities.

When he is not working, Michael enjoys family time, volunteering, and golf. He also enjoys staying active in his profession by researching new products, cutting-edge building science methodologies and “Green Building” best practices.

4. Frank

Frank Dick

Production Manager

From Abilene, Texas

Frank is Odyssey Contracting’s Production Manager, responsible for organizing and overseeing workflows to ensure that they meet specifications and deadlines. Frank believes that ensuring the smoothness of production and the quality of output for the customer is of paramount importance for Odyssey Contracting, and he works tirelessly to ensure that it is met.

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Born and raised in West Texas, Frank has over 30 years of experience in construction, management, and customer relations; 12 of which he was a General Contractor specializing in roofing, siding, windows, and gutters. Some of Frank’s certifications include being an Owens Corning Preferred Installer, a Certainteed Master Shingle Applicator, a TREX Platinum Preferred Installer, a James Hardie Elite Preferred Contractor, a Therma-Tru Door Certified Installer, and has been a warranty/service provider for over 35 window manufacturers. While living in Texas, he also built several dozen custom and spec homes.

Frank’s vision for his future is to continue to grow as the company grows, and working toward the goal of Odyssey Contracting becoming a recognized household name. He profoundly identifies with Odyssey’s belief that all customers should be treated as family, with honesty and respect. When not working, Frank prioritizes spending time with his wife and children and enjoys playing golf, visiting with friends, and going to concerts.

Frank’s wife is an elementary teacher with Wake County Public Schools, and a veteran of the US Air Force. His oldest son is married, and is currently serving in the Air Force, following in her footsteps. His daughter is a recent graduate of Rolesville High, where she was able to showcase her acting and singing talents; and his youngest son is in middle school, and developing an interest in computer programming.

6. Caleb

Caleb Flores

Renovation Specialist Field Trainer

From Corona, California

Hey! My name is Caleb Flores and I am a Southern California native who moved to Wake Forest in the Summer of 2019. I am married to my wonderful wife, Katy, and have three children. I moved here to attend Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary to get my M.Div. in Church Revitalization, but quickly realized that North Carolina is a great place to call home!

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I have been in construction and trade work all my life, and specialize in carpentry, framing, siding, and roofing. I have worked with several General Contractors, some good, and some not-so-good. What drew me to Odyssey Contracting was their honesty, quality workmanship, and authentic family atmosphere. Within my first few weeks, I could tell that everyone at Odyssey truly wanted to take care of each and every homeowner they work with. I am passionate about serving people in my community, and so is Odyssey Contracting.

9. Daniel

Daniel Morgan

Marketing Manager

From Raleigh, North Carolina

I was introduced to Odyssey Contracting when my dad needed a roof replacement. The Odyssey team came in and met our every need (with a great deal of patience). Sean had told us that he could use some help with social media and photography, and that’s what I love to do.

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I am currently a student at East Carolina University, studying Exercise Physiology with the intent of becoming a physical therapist. While this is my primary direction, I have experience with both marketing and photography. It is important to me that I support local, honorable businesses like Odyssey. I am dedicating myself as much as I can to assisting this company in their endeavors to grow and help others. Personally, I would fully recommend anyone with renovation needs to trust Odyssey with their largest investment: their home.

7. Maria

Maria Aguilar


From Atlanta, Georgia

Hey there! My name is Maria Aguilar. I am one of the secretaries/assistants here at Odyssey. I am originally from Atlanta, GA. However, I moved to North Carolina about 2 years ago to be closer to my sister, Ixia. I am a new mom to a sweet baby boy. I am still trying to get the hang of the “mom life,” but I feel like I am pretty darn good at it.

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I currently live in Clayton, NC with my small family, which is totally different from the city life that I was used to. This is the biggest change in my life yet.

What I love about working at Odyssey is how I can bring my son to work and watch how excited everyone gets to see him. He is a big part of this company. When I came to work at Odyssey, I had no idea what I was doing since I was a surgical tech back in Atlanta. Ixia took the time to train me though, and this job ended up being a perfect fit for me. I am planning on going back to work as a surgical tech once my son is a year old. Right now, I’m trying to enjoy every bit of him, and Odyssey is very understanding and helpful when it comes to taking care of my son.

8. Nancy

Nancy Navarro

Lead Assistant

From Garner, North Carolina

I was born and raised right here in Garner, NC. I have 1 younger sister and a very adorable and loving miniature dachshund named Chico. I worked in the phone industry for 5 years, but I wanted to branch out and try something new. I joined Odyssey Contracting in August of 2020 as an administrative assistant, and I love it, 10/10, WOULD RECOMMEND!

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I enjoy working alongside our amazing team and learning new things each day.

I plan on completing my education in business administration and traveling as much as possible. When I am not at work, I’m usually hanging out with friends trying some new foods or having a solo day to unwind and relax. “Beep boop, beep bop” – Nancy

12. Carlos

Carlos Vazquez

Site Manager

From Phoenix, Arizona

One of the most important things about working with a company is always being able to feel comfortable and safe in its environment. The reason I love working for Odyssey Contracting is the everyday experience, working with people that care about making a difference in a client’s home.

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Homeowners are always pleased to know they have someone from the company on the job site to ask any questions or concerns; their questions are always answered with accuracy and assurance.

My passions are playing basketball, maintaining my body, and working on cars. I also enjoy video games from time to time. It is very important for me to stay close with my family. As the oldest brother to my siblings, I feel that it is one of my jobs to keep my family connected.

My goal with Odyssey is to become the best supervisor that I can, and one day become a manager. Learning something new everyday is always something that I look forward to, whether it’s learning how to get a job done more efficiently or even finding a new way to communicate with our contractors to make sure that the customers are always content. In the end, the most important thing to me is always making sure that homeowners feel comfortable coming to us with any concerns or comments they have during or after the project.

13. Bryan

Bryan Diamond

Sr. Renovation Specialist

From Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

I grew up outside the Philadelphia area and now live in Wake Forest, NC with my lovely wife and 3 beautiful girls. I have a Bachelor’s Degree from Shippensburg University in P.A.

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My main focus is to give customers the best experience with their home improvement needs, whether you need retail improvements or your home was damaged by a storm. I will walk you through every step of the process, ensuring you have a full understanding of what needs to be done so that all your exterior home needs are met.

15. Dave

Dave Servoss

Renovation Specialist

From Britton, Michigan

I have been with this company for over a year and enjoy developing relationships with my clients. I am a seasoned General Contractor, as well as a former builder (built roughly 6,000 homes). I am also an active real estate agent and Army Veteran with the 18th Airborne.

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I love working with Odyssey because I am in a position to help my clients through the process of improving their homes. I also really appreciate the family-like atmosphere at Odyssey Contracting.

14. Christian

Christian Johnson

Renovation Specialist

From Whittier, California

I grew up in Whittier, California, and graduated from Whittier High School, the only public high school to have a graduate become President and was the high school in the movie Back to the Future.

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After graduating from BYU, I worked for 15 years in information technology. However, finding my people skills under-used, I moved into sales. When selling, the most important thing is to sell a service and company that will greatly benefit customers, and honestly deliver when I promise that value will exceed their costs. I joined Odyssey because of the trust I have in the ownership, Sean and Ixia Holmes, and their commitment to building a business on honesty, top quality workmanship, and extra effort.

I am the blessed father of four beautiful children, Cooper, Cat, Lydia, and Calder, with one more on the way. I am the middle child of seven, my father was in sales and set an example to me of how to treat customers with respect and also educate them in all they need to know to make a commitment.

My personal interests include religion, sports, great architecture, and trying new and delicious food. I can also bake 30-minute brownies in 20 minutes.

Luke G resized

Luke Garrity

Renovation Specialist

Odyssey Contracting

Luke grew up in a multi-generational construction family. Therefore, Luke is accustomed to understanding the importance of customer communication and proper project scoping. Luke`s areas of expertise are Roofing, Siding, Windows, and Carpentry. Other areas Luke has extensive experience in are HVAC, Framing, and Industrial Piping.

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Luke Garrity is a Renovation Specialist at Odyssey Contracting and is a valued member of the Odyssey team, as his online reviews indicate. He has been with Odyssey Contracting for over a year now and has become a go to contributor on projects involving Construction Thermodynamics and Building Envelope Venting. Luke is a rare combination of someone who strives for perfection and insists on real-time customer communication.

He does not settle for anything other than perfection. Luke is especially talented when working with homeowners to determine viable options within the dreams and needs of the client he is working with.

Luke is committed to following proper processes to ensure predictable project completions from A to Z. When Luke isn’t at Odyssey Contracting, he enjoys spending time fishing or on the golf course. He is just as passionate about hooking a largemouth bass or smoothing a 5 iron as he is with the precision of projects at Odyssey. Luke is currently continuing his construction education working on Green Building Techniques.

17. Kyle

Kyle Hunter

Renovation Specialist

From Rolesville, North Carolina

Odyssey Contracting was referred to me by a friend. I would recommend this company to anyone that has renovation needs. Odyssey has allowed me to grow as a team member and communicator. During my free time, I enjoy riding my motorcycle. Not to mention, I love the flexibility this job offers and I also like climbing on roofs!

18. Nick

Nick Mixon

Renovation Specialist

From Asheboro, North Carolina

Bringing over 10 years of sales and management experience, I began working with Odyssey Contracting a little over a year ago. Having worked in many different environments including sales, customer service, finance, and the last 5 years in home renovations, I bring a range of experience and knowledge to an already exceptional company. 

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As an NC native , I was drawn to Odyssey Contracting because they’re a local, family-owned business and the fact that they pride themselves in many of the same core principles I value, including integrity, honesty, and exceptional customer service. I truly care about each customer and I pride myself in giving every one of my clients the highest level of customer service.

I currently live in Wake County with my wife, Kristin, and 2 children, Kade (4) and Zoe (3), the 3 most important people in my life. I appreciate Odyssey’s family values and the emphasis they put on work-life balance, so not only am I able to work hard to get the job done, I also have time outside of work to be the husband and father my family deserves and to spend time with them making unforgettable memories. I pride myself in my work not only to take care of my family, but also to be able to take care of my customers and help them achieve their vision for their homes. Give me a call today and become a part of the Odyssey family! Your journey starts here!


Owens Corning
⁃ Platinum Preferred Contractor

⁃ Shingle Quality Specialist
⁃ Master Shingle Applicator
⁃ Wizard Shingle Specialist

Dylan E resized

Dylan Ebert

Renovation Specialist

From: Greensboro, NC

Dylan grew up in Greensboro North Carolina and moved to Raleigh in 2013 to pursue a Bachelor of Science from N.C. State. His love for the Wolfpack made it an easy choice to stay in Raleigh and help in growing the community around him. Dylan enjoyed working in the construction arena and excelled as an apprentice carpenter but found himself enjoying a multitude of building sectors.

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From cutting concrete, site surveying to finish carpentry, Dylan has a curious mind and currently has focused his efforts on Green Building practices. Dylan wanted to apply all his construction skills with a company that provided and had the same philosophies on Green Building and a critical thinking approach to renovations. “What brought me to Odyssey Contracting was a similar thought process on how projects should be performed while using environmentally friendly materials.”

Odyssey, being a family run company was very important to Dylan as well. The family oriented, tight knit, and customer-centric approach Odyssey has fit perfectly with what Dylan was looking for. “Family means everything to me and it’s a great feeling to work and grow next to those who hold similar values”.

When not working Dylan enjoys spending his free time with his family, training in mixed martial arts, and fishing.

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